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Cats must be Vaccinated: Cats shall only be admitted in to the cattery if they are fully up to date with their annual vaccinations. In all cases a vaccination certificate will need to be sighted on arrival. Please do not be offended that we cannot accept your cat if you turn up without the certificate! This is for the protection of all guests.

Fleas and Worms: All cats admitted to the cattery should be up to date with flea and worm treatment. If a cat is found to have fleas or worms during their stay they will be given flea and worm treatments and the client will be billed accordingly.

Cancellations and Refunds: When you book into the cattery you will receive a confirmation stating the start and end dates of your booking. You will be charged for the full time your cat is booked in to the cattery, whether or not you pick up your cat early, or delay arrival day.

Boarding is at owner's risk: It is clearly understood that all cats are boarded at the cat owners' risk. While all precautions and care is taken, we are not liable for escaped cats, accidental injury, sickness, or death while in time of care.

Medical Conditions must be declared: Any underlying and current medical conditions are to be disclosed on arrival. It is the discretion of the cattery whether we accept boarding based on the type of condition. It is best to discuss this at time of booking.

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Cats may be refused at arrival: Cats are admitted to the cattery at our sole discretion. This may mean cats could be refused at time of admission for example if the cat has arrived in a state unsuitable for boarding, such as ill health, injury or other condition where they would be more suitably cared for at a veterinary clinic, or where they could pose a risk of infecting other cats.

Sickness or injury procedures during boarding: Cats becoming unwell or injured during boarding will receive their veterinary attention from a local veterinary clinic. In the instance of a cat becoming unwell we will try to attempt the owners before seeking veterinary attention. However if this is not possible, the care of the cat will take priority and veterinary attention will be given.

Cats with Special Needs:

We are unable to host cats who require special care. A cat who is in poor health, takes complicated medications, or who is older and has never boarded before is not a good fit for our services.
For the sake of your kitty's health and safety, we suggest contacting your veterinarian or a guardian who can provide the proper care.

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Failure to Collect: Any cat not collected within 3 days of the date on which they are due to depart, will be re-homed at our discretion. If pick up is late, the cat will not necessarily be in the room they stayed in due to other bookings arriving. They will need to be kept either in the isolation room or other arrangements made by ourselves.

Weight Loss / Weight Gain: Occasionally, despite encouragement, a boarding cat may eat or drink less than usual whilst settling in. We are unable to take responsibility for the quantity of water and food our boarders choose to consume. Additionally, while at the cattery your cat may gain weight as they may not be as active as they usually are when at home.

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