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Our Cattery

The Cattery is a family operated business with boarding available 365 days per year where each cat has space indoors and out in which to relax.

Cat Grooming

We groom cats to remove unwanted hair, prevents hairballs and improves blood circulation, which all helps to keep your cats coat in a good and healthy condition.


Veterinary Services

 In the unfortunate event that a guest becomes ill whilst staying with us we have access to local vets in the area. Your Cat will be well taken care of.

Our cat Boarding Facilities is located in a quiet, peaceful, residential neighborhood. Our grounds provide a pleasant viewing experience for your pet as they peer out of their window or veranda. The Happy cat hotel truly is a 'home away from home' for your pet.


There are 10 large individual cat units in the cattery. The cattery unit are on two levels with the sleeping area on top and Cat litter, food and water at the bottom level. Each cat is fully insulated and has a soft cushion provided. You are also welcome to bring your cats own bedding to help them feel at home. All outside play areas have a large wooden climbing frame built in with viewing platforms at various levels.


The cat lounge has perches, contemporary cat trees, kitty stairs, cat scratchers, Beds in cozy nooks and crannies and a relaxing sofa for your beloved cat to lounge on. We offer puzzle feeders for our guests, encouraging them to 'hunt' for their food, and cat trees that provide vertical spaces for napping, as well as hideaways that provide comfort for more timid cats. Scratching posts and mats are positioned in every room to encourage natural behavior.
A cat environment wouldn't be complete without premium scratching posts, cozy boxes, beds, and tunnels where your cat can hide away and decompress.


The pretty garden is 100% secure with double gates; and creepers grow over the outside enclosures, the perfect place for our guests to take in the scenery and watch the birds from their garden settings.


Cats are fed morning and night. Rooms and litter boxes are cleaned daily, with litter boxes being completely emptied and new litter provided daily. We supply Royal Canine Fit 32 food, but we are happy to accommodate any special dietary requirements provided by you by prior arrangement. Feeding is twice daily in order to monitor all babes are keeping up their energy.


We provide pampering for their cat units twice daily, grooming them and providing love and cuddles – purrs are compulsory here.
We use a natural product in our litter-boxes, which is cleaned twice daily. Litter is changed in-between cats daily.
Bedding is changed and washed weekly in our laundry – and changed between new arrivals.


Feline guests can be curious and want to stretch their legs and receive lots of play time so we offer "The Open Roam Session." This allows our feline guests to roam the enclosed cat room (exclusively for cats!). During their time in the cat room, guests can play with our staff and have access to a variety of fun toys, scratching posts, and shelves (because what cat doesn't love to perch on a high shelf?).

The Cattery also has relaxing music played around the clock and power points have been installed for those cats who drink from fountains or require a Feliway Diffuser (a diffuser similar to a scent diffuser for the house except the Feliway Diffuser diffuses scientifically proven calming pheromones which help settle your cat).


We keep you updated on how your cat is doing by sending you updates and photos of your cats every few days via WhatsApp.

Classical music is played throughout the day for your furry felines. Playing this type of music has long been used to relieve stress and improve well-being. Researchers have found a marked health improvement in people who listen to classical music on a regular basis. It turns out that classical music has a healing benefit for cats as well.

Alterations in the cat's environment such as visits to the vet, moving house, new arrivals, or nervous cats may manifest themselves as a change in behavior such as urine marking, scratching, loss of appetite and refusal to play and interact. To help counteract this, we use Feliway diffusers, the happy cat pheromone, to make your cat feel more relaxed in its new environment and to restore a feeling of calm in the cat.

If your cat is on a particular diet and you would like to bring your cat's food or medication from home, just let us know and we can certainly accommodate you.

The Happy Cat Hotel and Cattery wants your cat to be relaxed and secure...but not bored!

The presence of a lot of barking and excited dogs in kennels near a cattery can be very stressful for cats, that's why we only cater for cats.

We encourage owners to bring in familiar blankets or toys to help your cat feel secure with familiar smells.

Cats like high places – they will seldom sit on the ground if there is somewhere higher up. We have shelving in the condo and the private outdoor area that will give your cat a chance to climb up and view the world – making it feel much more secure.

Routine makes cats feel secure – they know when they're going to be fed, they see when people come and go and they don't feel threatened.

For most of us our cats are important members of the family and we want them to be looked after with the same care and consideration that you would give them at home. The Happy Cat Hotel has the enthusiasm and dedication to give your cats a stress free and loving place to stay.

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